The Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center is the largest Pentecostal archives in the world. We collect, preserve, and make accessible historically-important materials that document the history of the Assemblies of God and the broader Pentecostal and charismatic movements.

Please consider helping the Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center to preserve and share our Pentecostal heritage with the next generation by…

  1. Donating materials

    The FPHC seeks materials relating to the Pentecostal movement, such as:
    •    Audiovisual resources
    •    Books
    •    College yearbooks
    •    Congregational histories
    •    Correspondence
    •    Diaries
    •    Interviews
    •    Magazines
    •    Memorabilia
    •    Newsletters
    •    Photographs
    •    Scrapbooks
    •    Sermons
    •    Tracts

    Contact the FPHC to see if your materials might fill in gaps in our collections.

  2. Donating your Used Books

    Direct your used books back into ministry by donating them to the Assemblies of God Used Book Clearinghouse. While all materials are accepted, academic or religious books are of particular interest. Books not needed by the FPHC or the Evangel University library are given to 4 the World Resource Distributors, which provides books to overseas Bible college libraries.

    Contact the FPHC if you have books to donate.

  3. Supporting the Wayne Warner Research Fellowship

    Wayne Warner served as long-time director of the FPHC (1980-2005) and as founding editor of Assemblies of God Heritage magazine (1981-2005). The Wayne Warner Research Fellowship was established in 2006 to provide small research grants to faculty and students whose research concerning Assemblies of God history is likely to be published and to benefit our Fellowship.

    Click here to donate online.

  4. Contributing to the FPHC Endowment

    Your financial contribution will help the Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center to preserve and promote our Pentecostal heritage and identity.

    Click here to donate online.

Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center
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