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The Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center is a leader in the digitization of primary sources relating to Pentecostal history. The digital products below include over 500,000 pages of text-searchable digitized publications (saved in Adobe Acrobat PDF format). Audio CDs of oral history interviews and Revivaltime radio broadcasts and music are also available.

Be sure to check out our two most popular research DVDs (Assemblies of God Publications: Pre-WWII and Healing Evangelists: 1881-1957).


AG National Publications
Healing Evangelists DVD

This DVD+R includes over 50,000 text-searchable pages of digitized periodicals and books of five well-known healing evangelists who made a significant impact on the early Pentecostal movement. They include John Alexander Dowie (1847-1907), Aimee Semple McPherson (1890-1944), Carrie Judd Montgomery (1858-1946), Charles S. Price (1887-1947), and Maria Woodworth-Etter (1844-1924). This DVD offers a wealth of primary resource material for those interested in healing ministries and the early Pentecostal movement.

Healing Evangelists DVD ($49.95)
This DVD+R includes over 40,000 text-searchable pages of digitized books, tracts, national and local periodicals, and adult and youth Christian education materials. Featured core resources include the Pentecostal Evangel (1913-1939) and General Council Minutes and Reports (1914-1939), as well as The Apostolic Faith (Azusa Street newspaper) and other periodicals that predate the Assemblies of God. As a bonus, this product includes 10 MP3 audio interviews of those who were either active in ministry or eyewitnesses to major events and personalities in the early years. If you are looking for a broad-based collection of primary source materials for understanding the formational years of the Assemblies of God, look no further.

Pre-WWII DVD ($39.95)
Adult Teacher
Explore 58 years of historic Assemblies of God Sunday school curriculum.

1927-1985 Adult Teacher DVD ($40.00)
Advance magazine played an important role in the ongoing education of church leaders. It featured articles on the work of the Holy Spirit, sermon ideas, and how-to articles related to local church ministry.

1965-1995 Advance CD-ROM ($20.00)
Christ's Ambassadors Monthly and C. A. Herald

Christ’s Ambassadors was the national youth organization of the Assemblies of God. Christ’s Ambassadors Monthly (1926-1930) and the C. A. Herald (1930-1970) networked C. A. members and included articles about Christian life, theology, missions, and local church ministry.

1926-1970 Christ's Ambassadors DVD ($40.00)
General Council Minutes and Reports
These published minutes and reports from the general councils of the Assemblies of God record the shaping of the Fellowship’s history, beliefs, and polity.

1914-2017 GC Minutes DVD ($20.00)
Gospel Gleaners

Weekly devotional periodical published from 1928 to 1956. Succeeded by Live.

1928-1956 Gospel Gleaners DVD ($20.00)

Weekly devotional periodical that began publication in 1956. Preceded by Gospel Gleaners.

1956-1989 Live DVD ($20.00)
Missionary Challenge and World Challenge
Missionary Challenge (1944-1955) and World Challenge (1955-1959) were published by the Assemblies of God Division of Foreign Missions.

1944-1959 Missionary Challenge DVD ($20.00)

A journal of practical ministry and theology published by the Assemblies of God.

1967-1995 Paraclete CD-ROM ($20.00)
Pentecostal Evangel
The Pentecostal Evangel played an important role in the Assemblies of God. It offered teaching on doctrinal issues, inspiring testimonies, and reports of church planting and missionary efforts.

1913-1969 Pentecostal Evangel DVD ($39.95)
A journal of practical ministry and theology published by the Assemblies of God.

1958-1965 Pulpit CD-ROM ($20.00)
Slant was published by the Women’s Missionary Council, the Assemblies of God women’s ministry.

1957-1977 Slant CD-ROM ($20.00)
Youth Alive and Light n Heavy
Youth Alive (1970-1979) and Light n Heavy (1979-1981) were magazines published for youth by the National Youth Department.

1970-1981 Youth Alive DVD ($20.00)
Youth Leader
Youth Leader was a magazine published by the National Youth Department.

1975-1996 Youth Leader DVD ($20.00)
AG Local and District Publications
Herald of Deliverance
Herald of Deliverance was published by North Side Assembly of God in Fort Worth, Texas.

1951-1974 Herald of Deliverance DVD ($20.00)
La Luz Apostólica y El Evangelio Pentecostal
Over 400 issues of two important Spanish language Assemblies of God periodicals: La Luz Apostolica (1936-1973) and El Evangelio Pentecostal (1972-1992).

1936-1992 La Luz Apostolica DVD ($20.00)
Latter Rain Evangel
The Latter Rain Evangel was an early Pentecostal periodical published by the Stone Church in Chicago, Illinois. It enjoyed a wide distribution in the United States and around the world. The church played a critical role in the development of the Pentecostal movement and hosted a number of important conferences, including the second General Council of the Assemblies of God. Many of the sermons from the conferences were published in the pages of the Latter Rain Evangel.

1908-1939 Latter Rain Evangel CD-ROM ($20.00)
Midnight Cry and Glad Tidings Herald
Midnight Cry (1911-1925) and Glad Tidings Herald (1927-1958) were published by Glad Tidings Tabernacle, a leading Assemblies of God congregation in New York City.

1911-1958 Midnight Cry DVD ($20.00)
Non-AG Publications
Church of God (Cleveland, TN) Minutes
Published minutes of the general assemblies of the Church of God (Cleveland, TN)

1906-2002 Church of God Minutes CD-ROM ($19.95)
Church of God (Cleveland, TN) Publications, 1901-1923
Features all major Church of God publications from its foundational years. Includes books, General Assembly minutes, all known copies of the Church of God Evangel, the first published songbook, and many lesser known publications from 1901 through 1923.

1901-1923 Church of God Publications DVD ($49.95)
Confidence was an early Pentecostal periodical edited by A. A. Boddy, an Anglican rector who was baptized in the Holy Spirit in 1907. His parish, All Saints' Church in Sunderland, England, hosted a number of Pentecostal conventions which attracted Pentecostal leaders from Europe and the U.S. Sermons and reports given at the conferences and revivals held there were recorded in the pages of Confidence (1908-1926).

1908-1926 Confidence CD-ROM ($20.00)
E. W. Kenyon Periodicals
E. W. Kenyon was a prominent leader in the Holiness, Higher Life, and Faith-Cure movements. His writings later inspired many in the Word of Faith movement. This CD contains his various periodicals from 1898 to 1948.

1898 - 1948 Kenyon CD-ROM ($20.00)
Golden Grain
Monthly periodical published by noted healing evangelist Dr. Charles S. Price.

1926-1957 Golden Grain CD-ROM ($20.00)
Gospel Call and Related Publications
Published by the Russian and Eastern European Mission, a Pentecostal missions organization with ties to the Assemblies of God.

1922-1965 Gospel Call CD-ROM ($20.00)
IPHC Constitution & General Rules Discipline and Manuals
This CD contains a complete run of the International Pentecostal Holiness Church Constitution and General Rules, Disciplines, Manuals and a few earlier ones produced by the Fire Baptized Holiness Church (1900, 1905, 1908) and the Pentecostal Holiness Church (1902, 1908).

1911-2009 IPHC Constitution CD-ROM ($30.00)
IPHC General Conference Minutes
This CD contains all International Pentecostal Holiness Church General Conference Minutes from 1911-2009. Also included are a few early disciplines and manuals by the Pentecostal Holiness Church and the Fire-Baptized Holiness Church.

1911-2009 IPHC Minutes CD-ROM ($30.00)
Open Bible Churches Periodicals, 1920-1935
Includes periodicals of the Bible Standard Churches and the Open Bible Evangelistic Association prior to their 1935 amalgamation to form what became the Open Bible Churches.

1920-1935 Open Bible Churches CD-ROM ($20.00)
Open Bible Churches Periodicals, 1920-2009
Contains the Message of the Open Bible, which is the official periodical for the Open Bible Churches. Also includes periodicals of the Bible Standard Churches and the Open Bible Evangelistic Association prior to their 1935 amalgamation to form what became the Open Bible Churches.

1920-2009 Open Bible Churches Two Disc DVD ($49.95)
Pentecostal Holiness Advocate
The official publication of the International Pentecostal Holiness Church from 1917-1996. Includes a history of the PHC by G. F. Taylor and a history for the Fire-Baptized Holiness Church by J. H. King, among other treasures.

1917-1996 Pentecostal Holiness Advocate Two Disc DVD ($149.95)
Trust was an early Pentecostal periodical published by the Duncan Sisters of Rochester, New York. The Duncan Sisters (Elizabeth Baker, Mary Work, Nellie Fell, Susan Duncan, and Hattie Duncan) also founded Rochester Bible Training School (Rochester, NY).

1908-1932 Trust CD-ROM ($20.00)
Word and Work
Word and Work began as a Holiness periodical, but soon identified with the Pentecostal movement. The editor, Samuel G. Otis, promoted meetings in New England and elsewhere. Includes sermons, articles, and news reports pertaining to Maria Woodworth-Etter, Aimee Semple McPherson, Smith Wigglesworth, and others.

1899-1940 Word and Work CD-ROM ($20.00)
Oral History (Audio CDs)
Early Years
The oral history interviews in this collection focus on the early years of the Assemblies of God and Pentecostal movement. Various pastors, evangelists, and leaders reflect on memories of the Azusa Street Revival, the founding convention of the Assemblies of God in 1914, and evangelizing in the early years of our history. Includes interviews of Alice Reynolds Flower, Joseph Wannenmacher, C. M. Ward, Ernest S. Williams, and many more.

Early Years MP3-CD ($20.00)
Missionary Recollections
Hear firsthand reports of the hardships, dangers, joys, and sorrows of missionary work in Africa, India, China, Latin America, and elsewhere. This collection features 16 hours of oral history interviews with the following early Assemblies of God missionaries: Hugh and Betty Baker, H. C. Ball, Ada Bolton Bard, Eva Bloom, Murray N. Brown, Sr., John H. Burgess, Alfred and Elizabeth Cawston, Charles Greenaway, Melvin L. Hodges, J. Philip Hogan, Maynard L. Ketcham, Howard C. Osgood, Everett L. Phillips, Harriet Williams Schoonmaker, Anna Stafsholt, Esther Harvey, Loren O. Triplett, Jr., Arthur Berg, Louise Jeter Walker, Anna Tomaseck, Valborg Frandsen, Adele Flower Dalton, Grace Walther and Marjorie Brown.

Missionary Recollections MP3-CD ($20.00)
Home Missions
Assemblies of God missionaries have served across America, where their ministry turf included prisons, the Kentucky Mountains, Alaska, Native American reservations, Teen Challenge centers, and other needy areas. This collection features 28 hours of oral history interviews with Ann Ahlf, David Hogan, Andrew Maracle, Paul Markstrom, Lula Morton, Frank Reynolds, Curtis Ringness, and seven other pioneer Assemblies of God U.S. missionaries.

Home Missions MP3-CD ($20.00)
Local Church Ministry
Today it is impossible to sit down and chat with E. R. Foster, James Hamill, Mary Ramsey Woodbury, and other early 20th-century Pentecostal pastors. But it is possible to listen in on these rare conversations with 12 Assemblies of God pioneers in more than 10 hours of oral history interviews.

Local Church Ministry MP3-CD ($20.00)
Revivaltime (Audio CDs)
Revivaltime Favorites
22 songs selected from radio broadcasts and Revivaltime choir albums from the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. Songs on this CD include: Blessed Assurance - Written in Red - Symphony of Praise - You are My Hiding Place - Look for Me Around the Throne - My Life is in You, Lord - He Came to Me - Let Us Praise the Almighty - In the Name of the Lord - Name Above All Names - In One Accord - Yes, He Did - Rise and Be Healed - He is Jehovah - Arise, My Soul, Arise - Peace in the Valley - I've Just Seen Jesus - Moving Up to Gloryland - The Holy City - The Lord's Prayer - Yes, It is Mine - I Will Bless the Lord

Revivaltime Favorites CD ($14.95)
Revivaltime Classics
Collection of 14 classic Revivaltime sermons by C.M. Ward with introductions and interviews by Dan Betzer, his successor.

Revivaltime Classics 7 CD set ($59.95)
Revivaltime Classics 7 Tape set ($39.95)
Revivaltime Classics 1 MP3-CD ($29.95)
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