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Baker, Ida F. [P28020]


black and white





Description: Mother Ida Baker, portrait, head and shoulders; circa 1970s.

State Supervisor, Mother Ida Baker of Nebraska was the only daugter of Mother Lizzie Robinson, the first General Mother of the Church of God in Christ. Her mother was appointed by Bishop Charles Harrison Mason in 1911 to organize the women's work.

High resolution unwatermarked images from the Mother Lizzie Robinson / Rev. Elijah L. Hill Collection may be obtained from Rev. Elijah Hill (website: https://squareup.com/market/cogicmuseumarchive ; email: elijah.hill7@gmail.com)


Baker, Ida F.
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Church of God in Christ.
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Mother Lizzie Robinson/Rev. Elijah L. Hill Collection.
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Afro-American Pentecostal churches--Women clergy.
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