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Oral History Oral History
Early Years
This collection of oral history MP3 interviews focuses on the early years of the Assemblies of God and Pentecostal movement. Various pastors, evangelists, and leaders reflect on memories of the Azusa Street Revival, the founding convention of the Assemblies of God in 1914, and evangelizing in the early years of our history.

Early Years MP3-CD ($20.00)

Interviews on this CD
H. C. Ball - Stacy and Lona Barham - Faith Frodsham Campbell - Robert C. Cunningham - Joseph Darner - William Edgar Emanuel - Alice Reynolds Flower - David Lee Floyd - U. S. Grant - James E. Hamill - Hattie Hammond - Willie T. Millsaps - Pauline Parham - Irene Pearlman - Dollie A. Simms - Joseph Wannenmacher - C. M. Ward - Bert and Charlotte Webb - Ernest S. Williams - Josephine Williams

Missionary Recollections
This collection of missionary oral history MP3 interviews is a sample of 16 hours of interviews drawn from the Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center's more than 100 hours. You can learn more about the background history and be able to understand firsthand some of the hardships, dangers, joys and sorrows of several of our key missionaries on foreign fields from places like Africa, India, China and Latin America.

Missionary Recollections MP3-CD ($20.00)

Interviews on this CD
Hugh and Betty Baker - H. C. and Sunshine Ball - Ada Bolton Bard - Eva Bloom - Murray N. Brown, Sr. - John H. Burgess - Alfred and Elizabeth Cawston - Charles Greenaway - Melvin L. Hodges - J. Philip Hogan - Maynard L. Ketcham - Howard C. Osgood - Everett L. Phillips - Harriet Schoonmaker Bryant - Anna Stafsholt - Esther Harvey - Loren O. Triplett, Jr. - Arthur Berg - Louise Jeter Walker - Anna Tomaseck - Valborg Frandsen - Adele Flower Dalton - Grace Walther - Marjorie Brown

Home Missions
Here is a 28-hour oral history MP3 collection focusing on Assemblies of God home missions in interviews with 14 men and women whose ministry turf includes prisons, the Kentucky Mountains, Alaska, Native American reservations, Teen Challenge centers, and other needy areas.

Home Missions MP3-CD ($20.00)

Interviews on this CD
Andrew C. Maracle, Sr. - Ann Ahlf - Christine Frazer - Curtis W. Ringness - David Hogan - Frank Reynolds - Herbert J. Meppelink - John T. McPherson - Leo Gilman - Louise Heidorn - Lula M. Morton - Marion Mangold - Paul Markstrom

Local Church Ministry
Today it is impossible to sit down and chat with E. R. Foster, James Hamill, Mary Ramsey Woodbury, and other early 20th-century Pentecostal pastors. But it is possible to go with the interviewers and listen in on these rare conversations with 12 leaders in more than 10 hours--representing ministries from coast to coast and border to border. You'll hear for the first time on MP3-CD how they were able to help build the Kingdom through their important roles within the Assemblies of God.

Local Church Ministry MP3-CD ($20.00)

Interviews on this CD
Albert Alber - Alfred Coletti - Andrew Robeck - E. R. Foster - Hal Noah - J. B. Mcintosh - James E. Hamill - James Menzie - John C. Hunnicutt - Mary Ramsey Woodbury - Roy Donelson - Troy F. Frazier

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