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Assemblies of God Publications: Pre-WWII
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Move beyond the traditional starting places for research. With this DVD+R you gain access to over 40,000 pages of books, tracts, national and local periodicals, and adult and youth Christian education materials. Featured core resources include the Pentecostal Evangel (1913-1939) and General Council Minutes and Reports (1914-1939), as well as The Apostolic Faith (Azusa Street newspaper) and other periodicals that predate the Assemblies of God. As a bonus, this product includes 10 MP3 audio interviews of those who were either active in ministry or eyewitnesses to major events and personalities in the early years. If you are looking for a broad-based collection of primary source materials for understanding the formational years of the Assemblies of God, look no further.

Assemblies of God Publications: Pre-WWII DVD+R ($39.95)


Pre-AG Periodicals
Apostolic Faith (1906-1908)
Word and Witness (1912-1915)
The Pentecost (1908-1910)

National Periodical
Pentecostal Evangel (1913-1939)

Official Documents
General Council Minutes (1914-1939)

Local Church and District Periodicals
Latter Rain Evangel (1908-1939)
Glad Tidings Herald (1927-1939)
Midnight Cry (1911-1925)

Christian Education
Adult Teachers' Quarterly (1927-1939)
Christ's Ambassadors Herald (1926-1939)
Gospel Gleaners (1928-1939)

E. N. Bell. Questions and Answers. GPH, 1923.

Frank M. Boyd. The Budding Fig Tree. GPH, 1925.

Alice Reynolds Flower. Love's Overflowing. GPH, 1928.

Stanley H. Frodsham. Things Which Must Shortly Come to Pass. GPH, 1928.

Stanley H. Frodsham. With Signs Following: The Story of the Latter-Day Pentecostal Revival. GPH, 1926.

B. F. Lawrence. The Apostolic Faith Restored. GPH, 1916.

Alice Luce. The Messenger and His Message. GPH, 1925.

Myer Pearlman. The Heavenly Gift. GPH, 1925.

Ralph M. Riggs. A Successful Pastor. GPH, 1931.

Ralph M. Riggs. A Successful Sunday School. GPH, 1934.

Mr. and Mrs. P. D. Smith. Delivered from Bandits, Cannibals and Lions: And Other True Missionary Stories. GPH, 1932.

E. S. Williams. Not I, But Christ: Practical Thoughts on Victorious Living. GPH, 1939.

Lilian B. Yeomans. Healing From Heaven. GPH, 1926.

Acts 2:4: After Reflections of a Meeting of the General Council in St. Louis. Elizabeth Sisson. GPH.

The Baptism of the Holy Ghost and Fire: What is the Scriptural Evidence? Thomas B. Barratt. GPH.

The Baptism with the Spirit. E. N. Bell. GPH.

Concerning Dress. A. G. Ward. GPH.

The Glossolalia (Speaking with Tongues) in the Early Church. de Labilliere, C. E. D. GPH.

The Life of Continuous Contentment. Stanley H. Frodsham. GPH, 1917.

The Pentecostal Movement: What It is and What It Stands For. R. E. McAlister. GPH.

Putting the Enemy to Flight. S. H. Frodsham. GPH.

Salvation for Spirit, Soul and Body: The Marvelous Conversion and Healing of Mrs. Annie E. Norton and Alexander White. GPH.

Speaking With Tongues: Is it Scriptural for the Church? A. H. Argue. GPH.

The Testimony of Praying William. John M. Perkins. GPH.

The Truth About the Godhead: With Comments on the Water Baptism Formula. E. N. Bell. GPH.

Oral History Interviews
Henry and Sunshine Ball
Joseph Darner
Alice Reynolds Flower
E. R. Foster
Hattie Hammond
James Menzie
Joseph Wannenmacher
Mary Ramsey Woodbury
Ernest S. Williams
Ward R. Williams

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