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Assemblies of God Publications: Pre-WWII
Move beyond the traditional starting places for research. With this DVD+R you gain access to over 40,000 pages of books, tracts, national and local periodicals, and adult and youth Christian education materials. Featured core resources include the Pentecostal Evangel (1913-1939) and General Council Minutes and Reports (1914-1939), as well as The Apostolic Faith (Azusa Street newspaper) and other periodicals that predate the Assemblies of God. As a bonus, this product includes 10 MP3 audio interviews of those who were either active in ministry or eyewitnesses to major events and personalities in the early years. If you are looking for a broad-based collection of primary source materials for understanding the formational years of the Assemblies of God, look no further.

Assemblies of God Publications: Pre-WWII DVD+R ($39.95)

For a additional information and complete list of content on this DVD visit our featured product page.

Pentecostal Evangel
The Pentecostal Evangel has always played an important role in the Assemblies of God. Through its many articles it offers teaching on doctrinal issues, inspiring testimonies, and aids in documenting church growth and missionary efforts. Whatever the research topic, the Pentecostal Evangel is one of the best places to look for theological issues and ministry trends in the Assemblies of God.

Pentecostal Evangel (1913-1969) 1 DVD+R ($99.95)

Pentecostal Evangel (1913-1949) 10 CD-ROMs ($99.95)

General Council Minutes and Reports
Are you interested in how General Councils handled such high priority issues as the baptism in the Holy Spirit and the initial evidence, the Trinitarian-Oneness debates, world and home missions, higher education, new publications, divorce and remarriage, women preachers, and scores of other ministry and congregational concerns? How about rejected resolutions or controversial floor debates? Now this CD tool--with its high-speed access to the first 48 Council Minutes--is for you. Here are the only official documents that record the shaping of the Assemblies of God and how these decisions affect districts, ministers, and local churches to this day.

General Council Minutes and Reports (1914-1999) CD-ROM ($20.00)

World Missions

Missionary Challenge

Missionary Challenge (1944-1955) CD-ROM ($20.00)

World Challenge

World Challenge (1955-1959) CD-ROM ($20.00)

Sunday School

Adult Teacher

Adult Teacher
1927-1934 CD-ROM ($20.00)

1935-1944 CD-ROM ($20.00)

1945-1959 CD-ROM ($20.00)

1960-1974 CD-ROM ($20.00)

1975-1985 CD-ROM ($20.00)

Weekly Devotional Literature

Gospel Gleaners

Gospel Gleaners
1928-1938 CD-ROM ($20.00)

1939-1950 CD-ROM ($20.00)

1951-1956 CD-ROM ($20.00)


1956-1970 CD-ROM ($20.00)

1971-1980 CD-ROM ($20.00)

1981-1989 CD-ROM ($20.00)

Women's Ministries


Slant (1957-1977) CD-ROM ($20.00)


Christ's Ambassadors Monthly

Christ's Ambassadors Monthly (1926-1930) CD-ROM ($20.00)

CA Herald

CA Herald
1930-1941 CD-ROM ($20.00)

1942-1951 CD-ROM ($20.00)

1952-1961 CD-ROM ($20.00)

1962-1970 CD-ROM ($20.00)

Light n Heavy

Light n Heavy (1979-1981) CD-ROM ($20.00)

Youth Alive

Youth Alive
1970-1974 CD-ROM ($20.00)

1975-1979 CD-ROM ($20.00)

Youth Leader

Youth Leader (1975-1996) 3-CDs ($45.00)


Latter Rain Evangel (1908-1939)
The Latter Rain Evangel was an early Pentecostal periodical published by the Stone Church in Chicago Illinois. During its time (1908-1939) it enjoyed a wide distribution in the United States and around the world. The church played a critical role in the development of the Pentecostal movement as it hosted a number of important conferences including the second General Council of the Assemblies of God. Many of the sermons from the conferences were published in the pages of the Latter Rain Evangel.

Latter Rain Evangel (1908-1939) 2 CD-ROMs ($30.00)

Word and Witness (1912-1915) and
The Pentecost (1908-1910)

Both of these periodicals were published by men who would become important leaders in the early years of the Assemblies of God. The Pentecost was published by J. Roswell Flower between the years 1908-1910. Word and Witnes was published by E. N. Bell between the years of 1912-1915. Both are indispensable resources for those who have an interest in the early Pentecostal movement.

Word and Witness and The Pentecost CD-ROM ($15.00)

Midnight Cry (Glad Tidings Tabernacle, NYC)

Midnight Cry (1911-1925) CD-ROM ($20.00)

Glad Tidings Herald (Glad Tidings Tabernacle, NYC)

Glad Tidings Herald (1927-1958) CD-ROM ($20.00)

Herald of Deliverance (North Side AG, Fort Worth, TX)

Herald of Deliverance
1951-1958 CD-ROM ($20.00)

1959-1974 CD-ROM ($20.00)

Licht und Leben (German Branch magazine)

Licht und Leben (1942-1984) CD-ROM ($20.00)

La Luz Apostolica y El Evangelio Pentecostal

La Luz Apostolica (1965-1973) y El Evangelio Pentecostal (1972-1992) CD-ROM ($15.00)

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